Value of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is increasing day by day and due to the same many people are turning moving towards the same from standard investment items.

Bitcoin isn’t the only digital currency garnering mainstream attention. As the volatile but lucrative cryptocurrency has risen from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per digital coin, the rest of the landscape is riding its coattails. The Ethereum blockchain long viewed as a more viable mainstream platform and its Ether cryptocurrency have risen in value along with coins like Litecoin, Ripple and the forked Bitcoin Cash.

You may obtain Bitcoins by either mining or purchasing them through a legitimate exchange. Mining requires extensive investment into hardware and knowledge about setting up a mining rig. For this reason, it is recommended to obtain Bitcoin through an Exchange safely.

There are numerous exchanges that say you can buy and trade bitcoin through their exchanges, but end up scamming a majority of the people. It is extremely important that you deal with a legitimate establishment.

One must be able to acquire Bitcoin by paying an equivalent amount in local currency, after following the company’s respective laws and requirements. Different countries have different laws that govern distribution, acquisition and regulate Bitcoin usage within.

Want to buy or sell bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency securely? No issue at all. Our website allows to effortlessly buy bitcoin with INR from any online banking or through NEFT/RTGS. Also, selling bitcoin is just as smooth, you will receive money in Indian currency directly into your bank account with just one requirement that your bank account must have IFSC, which majority of banks does have.

Ganesh Godase and Pritesh Saitwal specially made BTC Monks’ receptive and user-friendly designs means that you will be able to use our service on any type of medium like laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone by simply logging in through any browser.

To start trading on our website you will need to open bitcoin/crypto assets wallet account, and it’s FREE and very simple! Enter your email, choose a password and then click ‘Sign Up’.

BTC Monks makes it incredibly easy for friends, family members, and co-workers to send money to one another. Users can then transfer their money to their bank account or just save it within the app and spend it from there. Now, the makers of the Cash app appear interested in expanding to other currencies, namely bitcoin.

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